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Thirty Years of Monastic Witness, 1969 – 1999

This publication was compiled and created as an honourable dedication to the Very Right Reverend Archimandrite Dionysios, upon the anniversary f 30 years since his tonsure as a Monk, on 17 August 1969, by his esteemed and reverend holy Elder, Archimandrite Aemilianos, in the historic Monastery known as the Great Meteoron. This day proved to be a monumental step for the successful formation of a vibrant brotherhood which would go on to revitalise the Monastery of Simonos Petras as never before, bearing fruit in all of Holy Mountain, Greece, Israel, europe and far to the West.

As Confessor and Spiritual Father of many people from around the world and from many walks of life, the Elder, Gerontas Dionysios, certainly stands out as one of the most versatile and experienced leaders of our time.