Populaire Trefwoorden


The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Tradition

This book was written to give a brief introduction to the life and spirituality of the African Church born in the kingdom of Axum in the 4th century, in the land south-west of the Red Sea, which is known today as Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

The Oriental Orthodox Christians of these two countries have the same faith, the same liturgical practices and monastic asceticism, and a common literary production in the ancient Ge’ez language.

A summary will be given of their history, the Church administration, the history of the Sunday Schools, missionary activity and the diaspora, and traditional and modern theological teaching. 

At different levels this Church Tradition is unique and provides a very good example of successful inculturation. 

The Oriental Orthodox Family also includes the Copts, the Armenians, the Syrian Orthodox of Antioch and the Malankara Orthodox in India.