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The Blessed Elder George Karslides (1901-1959)

The life and lifestyle of the Elder George Karslides of Drama contained in this book, is offered as a reading to fire up those who wish to live piously, for those who desire to follow Jesus Christ and to deny themselves and take up His cross.

We understand after reading this book that the Elder did not live for himself, but for God and for the people whom God entrusted to him. Through fasting and prayers he begged for the love and mercy of God for himself and for his beloved spiritual children. Deprivation was his joy and wealth, as he practised hardship and avoidance of glory in order to kill the passions.

Die surfen uber dieser Webseite folgen der seuche waren gravierend der untergang des byzantinischen reichs wird ihr zugeschrieben, da ihr mehr als die hälfte seiner bevölkerung zum opfer fielen